What are the assets and drawbacks of the 'Energiewende' (transformation of the energy system)?

What is Energiewende  100% renewable energy 2050

– Where does Germany get its energy from? – For this I have attached a pie-chart; our teacher requires us to this this chart because we have made it ourselves. (The written piece below the pie-chart is the source – for the pie-chart only you do not need to reference it any further)

– Decommission of all nuclear power by 2022, many plants are already closed
– Thesis statement

Paragraphs (2-4):

� Non-renewable energy is dangerous, but cheap
� Non-renewable energy will become more expensive in the future (more scarce)  population + development increasing in LEDCs
� Transportation problems  chokepoints /pirates for oil  renewable energy can be made locally
� Non-renewable sources are polluting + create greenhouse gasses that contribute to global warming
� Countries that supply non-renewable sources are unreliable partners

o Talk about feed-in tariffs (subsidies)  is it going to harm the poor?
o High energy prices  hurt the economy / businesses have to pay more many and therefore it makes everything more expensive that Germany produces; this make it hard for German businesses to compete with other businesses around the world  if Germany will not sell as many goods the government will not gain as much money from taxes (lower tax revenue), fewer jobs, etc.

There are just disadvantages listed, but all these points could be expressed positively. For example, the fact that non-renewables are dangerous could also be expressed as the fact that renewables are not.

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