Are small schools more effective than large schools? Explain

My topic will be about Are small schools more effective than large schools?, I need to argue about which type of school is more effective and why. I personally disagree that small schools are more effective than large schools reason being that large schools prepare you with the environment of a university or workplace. I have attached further instructions about this assignments so please check the attached file since its very important to consider while writing this assignment.

PS: Please lower your writing level to an English Second Language writer.

Based on rhetorical analysis on Paulo Freires;explain the banking concept of education.

Attached is a copy of the summary that I submitted about the reading, summary should be first then followed by the analysis.
The Banking Concept of Education, by Paulo Freire

When you are ready to start composing your analysis, make sure to review the Rhetorical Analysis chapter in How to Write Anything.

In the analysis you must

identify the thesis of the essay in question
describe the types of evidence used by the author to defend the thesis
assess whether the evidence is logical and effective.

Elaborate anatomy and physiology.

WHY DOES A BILLER AND CODER NEED TO UNDERSTAND MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY, ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY? It is virtually impossible to understand the meaning of every medical termno matter how long you are in the professionbecause you will always run into a new word youve not heard before. …

Discuss the relevance of policy to an organization.

Part 2: Policy Assessment
Once organizational stakeholders have been given foundational and critical information about the health care policy, you will provide them with a succinct, in-depth assessment of the impact of the policy on the organization.
In a 2- to 3-page executive summary:
Briefly discuss the relevance of the policy to the organization.
Explain areas within the organization that will be affected by the policy.
Identify key organizational stakeholders impacted by this policy. Explain how they will be affected.
Assess any community impact that will need to be taken into consideration.
Describe the expected impact of the policy on organizational outcomes.

Discuss leadership according to Ted Talk by Tepperman.

Watch the Ted Talk by Tepperman. Give a brief summary of his main points. Do you agree or disagree with him, and why? Take an issue in the areas of social/political/economical and explain where he goes wrong in his methodology to address this issue. This issue could be local, national, or global. ……Please use attached references (in addition to other references if needed) and cite in APA format with reference page, please be sure to put the YouTube Video in proper APA format as well. Thank you!!