Money Back Guarantee

Essay Writers Hub responsibility is to deliver orders on time as well as maintaining the quality of our work. A few times we are unfortunate and we find ourselves unable to deliver mainly on the specifications of a specific order due to unavoidable circumstances which are beyond our control. We can promise you that Such incidences are very unlikely to occur but if we find ourselves in such a situation where either one of our writer is to blame or any other reason whatsoever that makes us fail to deliver as per your instructions, we will gladly admit to our mistakes and take responsibility. Our company will see to it that you get your full refund that is, money that you have already paid. This will    in our company but if they do occur and either one of our writers is at fault or there happened to be another reason that made us not deliver your paper as per your instructions, we will be ready to take on that responsibility and refund you any money that you might have already paid to us, this being an act of our obligation to provide excellence services to you all times. This way, you won’t lose anything at all. This is obviously done through our laid terms and conditions.

When we find out that for any reasons we are unable to work on your paper, we let you know on time so as prevent you from wasting time. This however is done after all the possible actions have been considered and still none of our writers can handle your order. We never take pride especially when we have to give you a refund since we know how inconveniencing this can be, so we make sure that this is very uncommon in our company. At Essay Writers Hub there is money guarantee back just in case situations like this ever occur.


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