Should sporting heroes model good behavior?

            Sporting heroes of late find more air space on most of the national television and media in general. Most of these heroes despite their prowess and talents, they have their own weaknesses and just like any other human being and are not perfect per sie in their other parts of their lives. The question of whether these heroes should be used as models of good behavior is a question of debate. It is true that these sporting heroes play a crucial role in modeling good behavior and in nurturing young talents. This paper discusses who a role model is, whether sports heroes should be responsible to their own sports and whether these sports heroes have a special responsibility to behave well in their general lives as sports heroes.

A role model is a person whose behavior is emulated or copied by others that deem the behavior to be right and beneficial to them. For example, many sporting heroes are good role models for young people who have an interest in the same sports they play. Most teens and young children refer to these iconic sports heroes in nurturing their own talents. Therefore, there is likelihood that some of the behaviors of these heroes might by transcended to the teens. According to Rick (2011), higher standards exhibited in athletics are because of the perceptions by teens and young children that these professional athletics serves as their role models. This, therefore, demonstrates awareness that indeed these heroes have some influence to the teens and young children.

Sports hero’s responsibility should not only be to their sports. According to Fish (2009), these heroes are the making of the society and are important public figures with the potential of influencing the behaviors of teens and young children. Therefore, they should be able exhibit good behavior and return back the fruits to the society which helped to mould them and make them reach the far they have gone. Behaviors demonstrated by heroes has propensity of becoming public and thereby these heroes besides acting responsibly on camera, there entire life should be acceptable by the larger society.  For instance, Tiger Wood Saga demonstrated lack of respect to family and marriage and this showed a bad image to the entire society. It could be wise for him to move around institutions preaching and educating the coming generations on the virtues of the marriage institutions in order to instill good morals to the teens. Therefore, it is important that these sports heroes take responsibility in whatever behaviors they engage in to avoid misleading the society. They have the potential of instilling good behavior in the teens and young children if they take responsibility both in their sports and in their entire lives.

These sports heroes too have the responsibility to behave well. It is through behaving well that the society in general will respect them and even act as models of good behaviors for the coming generations. According to Boock (2011), all the sporting heroes need to demonstrate righteousness and decency. Their entire lives should be virtuous and decency without comprise. For instance, the angry outburst by Serena Williams in the US one woman’s final games was a let down to the young boys and girls viewing her as their role model (Boock, 2011, p. 3). Such incidences matter a lot to these upcoming heroes and it might affect their ambitions.

In conclusion, it also beats logic to expect these heroes to behave in the way we want yet they come from the same societies and communities we come from; they behave the same way we do. It is therefore, appropriate for the society in entirety to mold good behaviors’ and be a role model to their children rather than expecting the heroes to demonstrate good behaviors. the parents and the society at large have the responsibility of ensuring that their children grow up  with good virtues so that when they are heroes they also demonstrates good behavior and act as good models. There is no way the society can expect the heroes to behave differently, if they have not inculcated in them good morals and virtues. Therefore, both the society and the sports heroes have a great task of ensuring that those heroes exhibit good behaviors to act as role models of others. Needless to say, sports heroes have the obligation to behave well in all facets of their lives for them to act as good role models and ambassadors of good virtue due to their popularity and fame.

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