Modest proposal

            In his pamphlet, “modest proposal,” Jonathan Swift provides solutions to poor Irish people with children. The proposal, seeks to provide insight information on how problems that parents faces can be dealt with and solved. Therefore, the proposal ironically attempts to find a cheap, fair and easy method of ensuring that these poor children become useful members of the society.

The proposal enumerates the agony and the problems that the poor faces in Irish. This is clearly depicted in the cities where groups of women with their children crowd in the town to beg from the passersby.  The roads, streets and cabin doors in the country are flooded with poor people languishing instead of working for an honest livelihood. These children eventually grow up to become thieves in their quest to work and sustain their lives.

The infants can be supported in their first years by the mother’s breast milk and two shillings obtained form beginning.  After the first year, Swift proposal comes into hardy by seeking to ensure that the costs incurred in providing food, clothing, and supporting their entire lives is provided.  The proposal has statistical information representing the population; subdivide into women of child bearing age and the total number of children that may be reared. Due to poverty, most of the children succumb to death. Therefore, in a country where there is low employment these children may not be employed and may not be able to steal for their leaving until they turn six years. Furthermore, children under the age of 12 are saleable, but attract low value to offset the costs of rearing them to that age.

Borrowing from an American, who stated that one year child is most delicious, wholesome and nourishing regardless of being baked, stewed boiled or stewed, Swifts suggests that a certain number approximately 120,000 Irish children to be preserved for breeding, while other 100,000 to be fattened and sold for delicacy.

The price of the meat is discussed and is set on the basis of the weight of a child. One year old baby is approximated to weigh an average twenty-eight pounds. Rich Irish landlords will be the source of the market for these children. The new food will also be in season year round with higher surges in spring times. The meat will cost ten shillings with the mother getting eight while the landlord that buys the meat gets good nutrients as well as become popular amongst the rest.  Furthermore, the skins maybe used for making leather.

The proposal will also reduce the number of Catholics who make up larger percentage of the poor population and who have bigger families. These Catholics are identifies as enemies of the nations because of their subversive political activities. The proposal will also see poor tenant become rich through selling of their children and therefore be able to pay off their debts to their landlords. The proposal will also ensure that economy performs well and will also enjoy the new dish (children meat). Parents will also earn more and business will thrive.

The proposal has also a moral aspect in the sense that it will encourage marriage and improve mother’s love. It will also trigger competition, among women; they will compete on raising fattest children to attract higher profits. Furthermore, cases of abortion will decrease.

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