Quality and Operations Management ( “Santa Cruz Mexican Restaurant” Instructions )

1. Based on the reductionist approach and utilising a number of the quality tools and techniques, assess the situation and determine the reasons for poor customer satisfaction and its potential impact on loyalty behaviours at the restaurant.

Note: question 1 (above) is carried out in-class as a group activity. You MUST ensure that you take any data away with you and incorporate it into your individual submission.

2. Using the PAF model determine those aspects of the service that contribute to the restaurant’s costs of quality i.e. prevention, appraisal, internal and external failure costs.
3. Develop a procedure that should be followed by the staff when they come into contact with a diner.
4. Encompassing both the personal and procedural dimensions, create a set of meaningful standards of service for the restaurant.
5. Design a detailed mystery diner checklist for the Santa Cruz Restaurant
6. Design an improved Customer Comment card.
7. Make recommendations for improvement, including an improved process map of the customers’ experience that removes the non-value added steps in the process.

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