Human Resources

Part 1:  Questions on Sales Performance

Introduction to give to respondent: Please think of two people: Person “A”, who is the highest performing salesperson, and person “Z” who is the lowest performing salesperson in your organization.

  • Question 1: What exactly has person “A” done/achieved/performed which person Z has not?

Remark: Please note, we are not asking about how these two persons differ as individuals (e.g., one is more skilled, motivated, smart, etc.). Hence, a description of the two individual personalities is not what we are asking for. Instead, we are interested in how salespeople’s performance is defined in your organization.

Please answer Question 1 here in about 10-15 lines:

Person A was more successful in placing clients in other businesses. For our business it is key that we manage to integrate our clients once more into the work environment as soon as possible. Therefore, a good “sales person” at our company has to be able to identify possible options for the reintegration of our clients quickly and then “sell” our client to a company, so that he can be integrated back into the labour market as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, person A would also have a lower fallback rate, meaning a low percentage of clients who would not be able to maintain the arranged position at another company.

Lastly, the best performing salesperson should receive a high customer satisfaction rating.



  • Question 2: Will the performance indicators of salespeople’s performance in your organization (i.e., the respondent’s organization) change in the next decade? And, if yes, how? What indicators will become more important? What indicators will become less important?
 Please answer Question 2 here in about 10 lines: The indicators for performance will change, as our focus is shifting to creating “sustainable” sales, meaning that it is becoming ever more important that the people we place can stay in there new position on the long run. Consequently, the pure “sales” measure, as of how many people did a sales manager manage to place, will become less important and the focus will shift to the quality oriented measure of “how many people you have placed one year ago are still in the same position.

Lastly, one has to realize that the hard measure of “how many people did you place last year” will still be used, but a combination of the two will allow us to focus on sustainable growth and closer partnership with our clients and customers.


  • Question 3: Let’s assume that all salespeople in your firm (i.e., the respondent’s firm) would tomorrow copy the exact behaviours of person “A” and perform the same as he/she in the next decade. Would your sales organization then be successful?
Please answer Question 3 here in about 10 lines:

On the one hand, clearly the focus should stay on timely placement of our clients, as the quicker they find a new occupation the better for the people. Nonetheless, it is important that our organisation does also focus on the sustainability of “sales”. If the placed client, drops out after just a couple of months, it is not only very frustrating for the client, but also for the company that took on our client and could potentially negatively influence our partnership with these companies. The reason why we focused on the short-term measures so far is that the political pressure to reduce costs quickly was greater than the long-term strategy of reintegrating our clients on the long run into the labour market. Nevertheless, this tendency is shifting and the focus is now more on building sustainable partnerships with companies and finding viable and sustainable solutions for our clients and partners. 

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