Business Simulation

1- introduction about problem including aims , objectives , assumption , key performance indicators and any other relevant information you deem appropriate.

2- design a table showing entities , state variables , and events .

3- an appropriate flowchart with detalied explanation .

4-Develop relevant Activity Cycle Diagrams with detailed explanations .

5- Explain which data collection method(s) would be appropriate from your point of view to capture the require information for modelling this problem.

6- Develop a simulation model to imitate the system above (“As-Is” situation). Explain every single component stating role and shift pattern. Run the simulation for 200 students and 5 simulation replications and analyse the “As-Is” results based on key performance indicators identified in (a).

7- Design at least two experiments (scenarios) to :
i- Minimise the overall simulation time .
ii- Achieve a minimum queue at each work centre .
iii-Reduce the resources, work centers idle times.
iv-Maximise the resources utilisations.
v- Minimise average waiting time .

8- Compare with the use of Excel diagrams the “As-Is” scenario with the above mentioned scenarios.

9- Recommendations for further improvement (bulle: points)

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