Page ranking

•    Briefly explain each of the page ranking techniques MacCornick describes.  For each trick indicate what property the trick was supposed to measure or problem the trick solved.  (Check with a friend or parent to see if your description makes sense to someone else.)
•    Discuss which of the tricks was fooled into giving DecorMyEyes a high page ranking by Google.
•    If the UltraNoir article doesn’t provide pertinent techniques, propose a modification to Google’s ranking algorithm to solve the type of problem that DecorMyEyes situation presented.  (MacCormick alluded to the problem on page 35 of his book.)
•    Discuss one positive factor and one negative SEO factor from Vaughn Aubuchon’s site.
Explain the relationship between page ranking and “googlebombing”.

Information should come from the book: 9 ALGORITHMS THAT CHANGED THE FUTURE

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