Thank You for Smoking and Kinsey

◦How do the films present science and the scientific method?
◦How are the “academies” depicted in the two films?
◦How do issues of ethos/character and “moral flexibility” compare or contrast?
◦How do feeling and emotion intersect with reason and judgment in both films?
◦What attitudes do Naylor and Kinsey and their communities have about information, inference, evidence, facts, judgments, and logic?
◦How are scientists and lobbyists similar or different?
◦How is the protagonists’ credibility maintained or undercut?
◦How is the protagonists’ passion for rhetoric and research presented, and how do their ideas about speech or argumentation change?
◦How do Naylor’s and Kinsey’s presentation styles (ethos, credibility, understanding of audience, oration and debating skills) compare and/or contrast? Who is more credible? Who is more persuasive? Who is more influential?
◦How is the topic of spin (media publicity) addressed in both films, particularly when the issues are about smoking and sexuality?
◦What role does public opinion play in the films?

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