As contemporary communication technologies emerge the legal system has come under pressure as existing laws and practices appear not to fit the new digital environment.

choose ONE of the following topics for your paper:
a)Select 2 contemporary communication technologies and discuss the legal issues that have arisen. Using a critical analytical  approach account for the social, political, economic and/or cultural concerns relevant to the examples, and provide your views on the examples informed by peer reviewed and other sources.

b) Read the following article published in The Guardian on October 1st, 2012 entitled “Why are so few women working in technology”, see Critically analyse this article, provide alternative perspectives, and use concepts and core ideas from the course to discuss the social, cultural, and economic consequences of this article in an age of new media?

c) Contemporary communication technologies are sometimes used in developing countries to “leap frog” their economic and social development. Choose a specific country and critically discuss the use of one specific new media/communication technology that is considered to be improving economic conditions in that country. Consider alternative viewpoints and conclude with your opinion informed by peer reviewed and other sources.

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