Section 1
Complete the chart below as described above. Put the theme on the bold black line and the author’s names in the column under the appropriate theme.  The table will expand if you need more room.

Section II
In this section use the chart above and discuss each theme and give examples from each of the 5 readings that support the theme.  Be specific with your examples from the readings.  Word limit is 1,000.  Your grade will be lowered if you exceed the word limit by more than 100 words! Be clear and precise in your explanation for how each of the articles matches the theme you have selected.

Suggestion: Use the chart to organize your essay. Discuss one theme at a time and each of the readings in the order in which you have placed the author names on the chart above. When you have finished discussing theme 1 with each of the readings, then go to theme 2 and discuss each of the 5 readings … and then theme 3 and the 5 readings. Good luck!

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