there is five topics to choose from in the instruction part

How do conspiracies and conspiracy culture contribute to the forming of our political structure in this country?  Is this a trend that is disappearing or increasing?  What are some of the best ways to utilize access to enormous amounts of information/disinformation?

2-      What is mob mentality?  How does it invade aspects of our lives?  How can entertainment options influence mob mentality for good/bad?  What are some of the best ways to combat mob mentality?

3-      Outline the evolution of gay rights in America.  Where do you think those rights are headed?  How do the rights of homosexuals in America relate to other countries around the world?

4-      What do you feel are the greatest struggles that our culture faces today?  How do our world changes affect those struggles?  What are the greatest benefits that could result from those struggles?  What would be the dangers of not engaging in the struggles going on around us?

5-      Outline your perfect political structure.  Define its laws and its governing body.  Answer as best you can the problems that we face right now in education, economy, social and legal areas.  Build your utopian government and describe its workings in detail.

It all should be centered on the page (right to left AND top to bottom)  Be sure and use valid sources to back up every statement you make in your paper.  I don’t need a works cited page.  You should use the comments that are being made in class by me to help you with the structure of these papers.


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