Integrative Six-Sigma Black Belt Quality Management Project

Business Process and Procedures for Customs Overseas

As I spoke to the rest of the group members for this project, I found out that some of the areas of concern during the Measure phase were as follow.
As we know measure phase is used to collect date, establish a plan and excuting that plan and than using that data that was collect to make sure it performs properly. An issue at hand was determining what the process output should be, we have to understand that we are in an another country and we have to follow their rules and regulations, which some of these are very old and out of date. We are not in the states and we have to compromise with the host nation. To determing the output process we had to come to an agreement with the host nation and understand why things were done a certain way. As it turns out some things are just kept that way because it is a rule of the country in it self. Processing paper work is still being done the old fashion way “paper work hand deliverd.
Another area of concern was all the travel being done to get the paper work processed, which in return was found to inconvenience customers. There was too much time on the road just to get paper work back and forth from the warehouse on the Naval base in Rota to the Customs Office in Cadiz.

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