In the 21st century, there has been landmark in the use of technology. In particular, the Internet has come along therefore facilitating globalization the more. This has not been achieved without due demerits. The issue of possession and trade in child pornography has been an outstanding problem for quite some time. This is a form of child abuse whose possession, production or distribution is outlawed in most countries and is punishable by prosecution. However, there have been major setbacks in combating this form of cybercrime. It is key to note that of the 184 members of The International Criminal Police Organization, Interpol; only 91 have implemented comprehensive laws barring child pornography. This has promoted availability of such material in those countries whereby the internet hosts are safe from prosecution.
Child pornography, as a cybercrime, can be best illustrated by the Weymouth suspects who are currently under custody. It is important to note that Kevin Moore, 33 and Stephen Haddad had been trading in child pornography and obscene matter for over three years. They had managed to elude local police and the federal investigators all this time. The suspects were finally apprehended by The State Police Internet Crimes Task Force, a specialized anti-cybercrime unit that chiefly deals with internet crimes. The suspects now face a cash fine not more than $ 3000 and a jail term of less than 2 years. This unit has been of great benefit to the local community since it has managed to investigate and successfully prosecute other cyber-criminals such as William McDonough, 51, of Hull in Hingham District Court whereby he was released on a bail of $1,500 pending a pre-trial.
Child pornography has a very great mental, emotional and physical impact on the child victims. These children are no longer able to discuss their problems openly for fear of online scavengers who are ready to take advantage of their innocence. Further, it imparts poor morals and behavior in children. This shall lead to a rotten society as these kids shall grow up without living a damn on vital societal norms.

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