Jack’s grades had been continuously deteriorating with respect to his performance in other terms. This had been largely affected by an ordeal which had experienced on Halloween night. His parents had tirelessly coerced him to tell them the story of which he had been adamant to talk about since the memory of what had transpired was still fresh in his mind. Finally, one evening after school, Jack finally decided to tell his parents about the whole story in order to let out the suppressed after-effects that he still held.
One night on a dark and stormy Halloween night, Jack was walking home from the nearby shopping centre when out of the blues; a scary witch with popping eyes appeared and pushed him into a large tunnel. There were several tables above which metal hooks were hanging loosely. On the tables themselves, several limbs and body parts were strewn. In one corner, her best aunt, Aunt Catherine, was tied loosely to a chair. The witch then shouted, “You are my next patient because you have continuously disobeyed your parents more times than any other kid at your school. Your body parts will serve a better cause altogether. I am going to change your leg into a broomstick and your stomach into a calabash.” Jack was scared out of his wits and almost lost consciousness. Her aunt shouted, “There is an exit to your left. We’re not going to die if only you run as fast as possible and get help. All of a sudden, a bigger hairy witch whose belly was twice as big as a cow’s with a huge axe appeared above them and shouted, “Who is that making all that noise down there? I have been patiently waiting for my new calabash” The witch then swung the axe at Jack. Were it not for Jack’s quick dart, the axe could have split him into two. He ran as fast as his feeble legs could carry him. At the end of the tunnel, he squeezed into a hole and then ran even faster. On reaching home, he was too scared and breathless to tell his parents the whole story. After talking to his parents, Jack promised to put his mind at rest and work hard in order to improve in his studies.

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