Tertiary institutions such as colleges and universities need a constant supply of students in order to meet their financial needs in not only their daily running costs but also to meet costs incurred in research. Nova Southeastern University, a private, non-profit making university, is no exception. It has endeavored to create a sustainable environment for learning which is further supported by a vibrant on-campus life which is vital to students in choosing the institution of higher learning in which to study in. This essay therefore, explores ways in which Nova Southeastern University can attract more students in order to facilitate smoother running in its activities.
The overall need for Nova Southeastern University is to encourage students to study the various courses offered in the instituition and make a career out of it. There is hence a need for the institution to communicate its discovery of the various fields and the deep level of satisfaction enjoyed in pursuance of these courses. The institution needs to phrase from a point of view as to: What attracted this particular student to that specific course? What other fields did the student consider, and why did the student not any choose them? These disciplines need to be presented individually on a basis of their worthwhile, attractive, diverse, challenging and readily on hand career opportunities which is the vital endpoint that students are mainly interested in. The motivation criteria should not be based on academic self-interest but rather on their personal and professional fulfillment. The students need to envision themselves as successful in their careers after graduating. This will greatly compliment all enthusiastic efforts at encouraging the students to enroll at the university. In addition, the efforts put in place should also be persistent, patient and realistic. This is since it takes a considerable amount of time to build a critical student mass that shall enroll in the diverse courses offered in the university.

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