esearch Montgomery County Government Health Department, Maryland

Research Montgomery County Government Health Department, Maryland. Prepare a two-page paper Organizational Profile for the Health Department of Aging and Disability services at Montgomery County Government, Maryland and addresses the following questions:
• What is the organizational structure? Is it primarily hierarchical, centralized, or decentralized? Provide an organizational chart (construct one, if necessary). See the attachment (Chart and Module 1) for Montgomery county organization chart and the definition of hierarchical, centralized, and decentralized
• How does the organizational structure reflect the organization’s culture and values? (See the attachment (Module 2) for a list of elements of and influences on organizational culture).
• What are the formal lines of communication within the company? How does the organizational structure aid or hamper communication?
• What informal lines of communication have developed? What role do these serve?
• Where does your work unit fit in the organizational structure? What contribution does your unit make to the organization’s goals and objectives?
• What is the impact of the international workplace on your organization? Or, if your organization does not have an international presence, use the World Wide Web or other resources to find a similar organization in your career field that has an international presence and discuss the impact of the international workplace on that organization.

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