Documentaries for Summary/Assessment

-Who Killed the Electric Car?
-The Fog of War
-Bush Family Fortunes
-Born Rich
-The U.S. vs. John Lennon
-The Corporation
-Inside Job
-Capitalism: A Love Story
-Waiting for Superman
-Good Hair
-Roger and Me
-An Inconvenient Truth
-The Dark Side of Chocolate
-Bag It
-Gas Land
-If a Tree Falls

The following questions should be answered:
1. What is the overall message of the film and the main points the film attempts to convey?
2. What types of primary and/or secondary research were conducted in the film? Give examples.
3. Were sources of information disclosed fully and accurately? Did they seem credible insofar as expertise and serious scientific inquiry were present? How much of the film do you believe is based on opinion rather than fact? Provide examples to back up your claims. Are there sources/research you think might provide a sufficient counterargument? If not, describe why the sources and/or original research seem dependable.
4. Do you think the study was ethical and took into consideration the well-being of source providers and participants? Why or why not?
5. What methods of analysis would you recommend for a continuation of the research in question? Are there elements in the film that need closer scientific scrutiny? Which ones and why? What are your suggestions to further illuminate the evidence for or against the film’s conclusions?

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