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  1. (20%) Design a wireless home network. First, describe the type of usage you and your family members would require. Then include at least 4 components that would be connected to the network. Then provide a list of the required hardware (assume you now have nothing), the types of software, connectivity components, etc. required to fully implement the home network. Don’t forget to address security issues – what are the risks and how would you minimize those risks.

Network requirements

The fundamental requirements for the home network include access to the internet, file and device sharing. The availability of the network should be 100 percent because some of the family members undertake their work remotely. The bandwidth should also be reliable because the data transfer will be a mix of video, audio and data.

Components connected to the network

a)      Five PC workstations

b)      Printer and scanner

Required hardware, software and connectivity components

a)      Five PC hardware units

b)      Wireless router

c)      Printer and scanner

d)     Five wireless receivers for the PC units

e)      An operating system and associated user licenses

f)       Network management software

g)      Firewall application software for network security purposes.

h)      ADSL cable modem for internet connectivity

i)        Wireless network security application software application.

One strategy to ensure wireless network security is the issuance of static IP addresses to users so that their activities on the network are traceable. Security applications such as proxy firewalls need to be implemented to the wireless network to enhance security (Earle, 2005).
2. (15%) Name and describe three specific ways that people’s privacy is being threatened. Explain what measures can be taken to guard privacy in the situations you’ve described.      People’s privacy is threatened mainly through a breach of the aspects of confidentiality, identity theft and information collection. Confidentiality breaches usually involve an unauthorized disclosure of information to unauthorized people. Confidentiality is needed although it is not enough to guarantee people’s privacy (Anupam & Lauren, 2008). It can be eliminated through encryption of information and restriction of access to systems that hold personal information of individuals. Identity theft involves a scenario whereby a person usually uses the identity/ credentials of another person for ill intentions such as gaining access to information and data theft. Identity theft can be avoided by making use of double authentication and verification in order to ensure that a person is who he/she claims to be. Information collection serves to violate people’s privacy even in cases whereby the information is not used. In addition, information can be collected using methods that respect privacy, but they can be processed in a way that it interferes with privacy. This can be reinforced by ensuring information security and that information gathered is used for its intended purpose without making the information available to secondary users. This helps in eliminating potential cases associated with information disclosure (Anupam & Lauren, 2008).
3. (15%) Explain what computer-based information systems are; describe three types of information systems, the audience or level of management served by each, and how the systems provide benefit to the organization.

A computer based information system can be defined as type of an information system whereby the computer is solely responsible for handling and disseminating organizational information in order to enhance organizational efficiency (Effy, 2008). The three types of computer based information systems include transaction processing system, management information system and decision support system. Transaction Processing Systems are mainly serve to replace manual data processing systems and are used for data processing during the daily organizational activities that can range from the corporate to business level transactions such as customer payments, orders, corporate funds payments and other business activities. Management Information Systems are used to offer input to facilitate the process of managerial decision making in situations that are well structured. Decision Support Systems on the other hand offers input to facilitate decision making process in ill structured decision situations (Effy, 2008).
4. (15%) What are the differences and similarities between the four types of memory chips described in your textbook? Describe in your own words to demonstrate your understanding. If you were upgrading your home computer for Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010, what type of memory might you want to increase and what is the recommended amount?
There are different types of memory chips that can be used in enhancing computer memory; they include the Synchronous DRAM, Double Data Rate SDRAM, Rambus DRAM and DRAM. A notable similarity across all the types of the memory chips is their volatility, while they differ significantly on the data transfer rates and ultimately performance requirements. When upgrading to Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010, an upgrade on the RAM is required with at least 1 GB so as to meet the minimum system requirements.
5. When is it best to use a pie chart? Give two business examples in support of your answer.

A pie chart is best when making statistical data comparisons and making visual representations of the data. Business examples that require the use of pie chart includes data representation of the volume of sales of the various products and representation of the percentage profit margins.
6. What is conditional formatting with Highlight Cells Rules? Give one example of how this feature can be useful in business.

Conditional formatting with High Light Cells Rules is mainly used in the highlighting and finding information according to the established cell rules. The Cell Rules can be based on certain established values for the cells, color, and data type and so on. This feature is important in the context of business applications because it can be applied to highlight sales of products that have not reached a certain threshold value.
7. What is the difference between a relative cell reference and an absolute cell reference? When would you make a reference absolute? Provide an example of when you would use an absolutely cell reference.

Referencing in excel helps in the identification of cells or a range on an excel worksheet and serves to tell excel where to search for the values to be used in a formula. A relative cell reference implies that excel will adjust the formulas depending on where they have been copied. Absolute cell reference on the other hand does not serve to adjust the formula when they are copied to other cells. The F4 button can be used to switch between the absolute and relative cell reference. Absolute cell references are used in cases whereby one does not want excel to adjust the formulas. For instance, the formula (=A5+B8) can be converted to an absolute reference when copied to another cell by use of the dollar sign in the sections of the formula that do not need adjustments. This results to = (A5*$B$8).
8. What are the four ways to add a function to a formula?
The four ways of adding a function to a formula in Excel include using the use of the Insert Function tool, using the Auto sum function, typing the formula and the function in the status bar and typing the formula and the function in the cell. It is important to note that using the cell and the status bar requires the use of “=” prior to insertion of the formula and function. For instance C5= (B4+B5).
9. Provide an example demonstrating the benefit of a relational database.

Using a relational database helps in the avoidance of errors owing to the fact that data types in the data base are related, any cases of inconsistencies in the database and redundancy are likely to be indicated. This helps in facilitating data analysis and visualization, and manipulation of the data.
10. Why is it important to back up your database? What are two specific methods to perform this backup?

Backing up the database plays an integral role in recovering the data in the event of natural disaster, damaged or hardware failure and theft of hardware.
11. What are the benefits of using Slide Master View in PowerPoint?

The Slide Master views makes navigation in the slide presentation easy, facilitating the location of contents. The Master Slide View also facilitates the organization of the content in the slides by facilitating the insertion of footers, dates and slide numbers. The significant advantage of using a master slide is that it easy to modify the slides because a universal slide can be created to make adjustments to the rest of the slides, this helps in saving time in cases involving long presentations.
12. Describe how you would apply slide transitions to your PowerPoint presentation. Discuss what you should consider when using transitions timing options for your animated objects.

Slide transitions can be applied by going to the Animations Tab and selecting the type of transition applied to the presentation slides. The transition styles include fades and dissolves, wipes, push and cover, stripes and bars, and random transition style. When using transition timing options for animated objects, it is important to consider the
13. Name the five views available in Word, and identify which of those five is the default view.
The views available in Word include print layout, Full Screen Reading, Web Layout, Outline and Draft views. The default view is the Print Layout view.
14. Why is it important to select the appropriate Reference style for your paper? What does Word require you to do before it can create a bibliography? What are the two choices for titling your references section?

Selecting the appropriate reference style is important in order to match the bibliography with the format requirements of the paper. Creating a bibliography in Word requires the use of additional bibliography add-ins apart from the default reference tools available in Word. The options available for titling the references section in Word include the use of Built-In reference titling that includes the use of Bibliography and Works Cited tools. Bibliography includes all the sources associated with the document.





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