Interview with a gay person

Interview with a gay person

Nowadays, the number of gays has dramatically increased particularly among the young people. The gay community comprises of people from all parts of the world, who have come together to seek public acceptance and probably find consolation, with regard to their sexual orientation. Alf, who is gay, was interviewed for one hour regarding his sexual orientation and experiences. He is only twenty six and his first gay sexual encounter was when he was in college. All the same, he admits that his first feelings of attraction to men started when he was a teenager in high school and that was the time he realized he was gay. The term ‘gay’ is hereby applied to mean a person who is identified as a homosexual or one who prefers/attracted to the members of the same sex for sexual experiences. Alf’s personality and the way he talked about his gay experiences intrigued me such that I had to question my stance on the issue of whether there is a gay gene or the behavior is simply learnt.

Alf admits that homosexuality is still highly stigmatized and as a result, he lost most of his close friends in college when he became public about his sexual orientation. For him, the most thrilling experience of being gay in New York was when his Muslim parents discovered his preference and threatened to excommunicate him from his family. Now that it is more frequent to find gay couples, there is less stigma and more public acceptance than ever before. Alf maintains that he prefers to socially interact with men since he feels more comfortable with them as compared to when he is with women.

From the interview, the big challenge that people like Alf are facing in the society is opposition by religious organizations and lack of legal rights to safeguard their interests, which are different from the general public. Religion still classifies gays with sinners while the legal systems sometimes mistake them with criminals. This prejudice and stereotypes against gays is attributed to psychological distress, which is not unique to Alf. Alf disclosed that he has faced job discrimination since he became public about his sexual orientation. Alf, who is currently unemployed, asserts that “being gay is sometimes grieving. Imagine missing a job interview because you are gay?” The hiring prejudice due to sexual orientation cannot be justified since the stereotypes making gays to be disqualified from the hiring process, irrespective of their skills or abilities are irrelevant.

From this interview, it was notable that sexual orientation results from intricate interaction of genes and the environment.  From several studies however, being gay is typical and constitutes a variation of human sexuality. The fact that the gay gene has been suggested is still debatable, on whether homosexuality is genetic or environmental. If it is genetic, at least all cultures should have it but it is still absent in some. Moreover, it has been referred as a social/historical creation since the identity was inexistent in the eighteenth century. Interestingly, from the interview, it was clear that human sexuality, whether dependent on nature or nurture, is a right for every individual. What can still be questioned is whether Darwinian’s concept of natural selection still holds for gay couples. This is because although there is mating, reproduction is absent in these people.

However, gay couples like any other enjoy their sex life and that seems to just work fine. Although gay people have continued to face stigma, they have sought public acceptance through creation of advocacy groups such as the Gay Community and Gay Rights Movement. Value for diversity with regard to gay persons is essential since they provide multiple experiences and a proactive stance that could pave way for more innovations in future. For instance, this has prompted several scholars to focus their attention on isolation of the gay gene since such behavior is also exhibited by other animals. Seeing the world from a different perspective makes life more interesting. This perspective could help to integrate the gay community into the rest of the society.

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