Rock 'n Roll in the Year of 1963

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Rock ‘n Roll in the Year of 1963

Rock and Roll is an historic art scene that is not only defined by music, but also a good performance that correlates its language to a meaningful aspect. Rock ‘n Roll is defined as an association of the society according to their culture and lifestyle.  It is a tradition formulation and a belief system that is used even up to date.  In the modern world, Rock ‘n Roll is seen more as a window of history and a major component of American culture that was totally discarded and collected again, and a new form of its beginning began.

“Rock ‘n Roll evolved as a significance of the World War II, which had ended” (Madani 1). Back in history, by 1946 the American servicemen went back to their families to settle after being held for almost 5 years. The population of the Americans increased tremendously after many babies were born after duration of five years. This meant that the American society would experience a large population of young generation in the next twenty years, from 1953.  In the early sixties, rock was established but its roots evolved in different places within the country. It first started as a big band of the war era and many people in the society listened to the innovative youngsters.  Most famous stars included Count Basie and Glen Miller had the greatest hits in America. Even up to today, these famous rock hits are played in the society meaning that the society recognizes their importance.  “In 1963, Rock ‘n Roll came to an end and rock music was born. This happened after the assassination of Kennedy John and Lyndon Johnson became the president. In Vietnam, the government declared poverty reduction after increasing taxes, and the government defining its powers in a new dimension. Many youths took the opportunity and created their own groups where they could write and perform their own music” (Madani 2). This is when the evolution of rock music came into recognition in the society.

Rock ‘n Roll is more of an art in different ways, for instance, in instruments, performance and the code of dressing by the artist. It is a musical style that is encompassed with different guitar instruments.  The electric guitars are designed in a way that they can play a combination of blue and pop music creating a harmonious performance.  The uses of the swing have contributed to a steady beat that is performed together with the guitars.  A piano of boogie woogie releases a drubbing sound. “Rock ‘n Roll comes in many dimensions, including gospel, romantic harmony of the pop music, country songs with the viewpoints of focusing on interests of the audiences and the society’s moral value. Rock ‘n Roll has evolved from its traditional roots, and the mode of dressing by the artist performing stipulates more on the kind of music they perform. Culturally, dressing by the rock stars was according to the cultural basement of the society, and its moral integral values” (lee 106).

“Rock ‘n Roll was seen as a significance that talked more of sexuality, but had its market based on the true performance of the happenings in the society, and how the society lived and viewed its culture” (Townsend 6). Rock ‘n Roll defined the American literature in ways. Its language defined the American language that was based in the World War II era, and how Americans were liberated from its roots to a new era free of war crimes. “Rock ‘n Roll represents the American literature as as significance of the society where by people are able to know and learn from the roots of their own culture. It is true to say Rock ‘n Roll has stood for its culture” (Lee 107).

“Back in 1963, science and technology was being invented especially in the era where by cars were highly recognized and individuals preferred owning a car more than a television set, because the cars were affordable” (Madani 3). Technologically, innovation laid a meaningful basement to the popular Rock’ n Roll. The famous rock star known as Gibson defined an electric guitar, which was characterized by a solid body in 1952, and later the guitar was designed by Les Paul. In 1953, Leo Founder introduced a more modern type of a guitar that was known as the modern Stratocaster guitar. Later in the early 1950s, the first juke box was introduced, which played 45 rpm records. The invention of the juke box took place early increasing the number of RPM played and by 1963; the juke box was more modernized to play at around 78 RPM. In 1963, the Japanese company was in a position to introduce a more modernized version of a music play known as the Sony. Sony was the world’s famous transistor radio that turned popular music to universal language. “The introduction of Sony by the Japanese electrical company defined a new dimension of music for the world to view it not as popular but as a component that is enjoyed worldwide.  The Japanese company introduced the Sony radio at an affordable price that introduced universal music at every corner of the world” (Madani 4).

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