Write down the main characters as the movie progresses. Make sure to also write down defining characteristics.

Movies can be valuable teaching tools to understand the past. If done well, movies can create visuals that help us to better understand what people in the past experienced. Additionally, they can provide context for certain events, ideas, and actions.
In these assignments, you will have to watch a movie that deals with an issue in American history. You will then need to answer several questions and provide a serious critique of the movie. It is my hope that you will enjoy the movie watching experience but remember that you need to think critically while you watch. Make sure to read the questions that you will need answers for and to keep them close while you watch
you must watch the movie The Crucible (1996 version starring Winona Ryder and Daniel Day-Lewis)

Watch the movie carefully and answer the following questions.

1.Write down the main characters as the movie progresses. Make sure to also write down defining characteristics. What are their motivations? How do these characters represent people who could have lived during the historical period that is depicted in the movie? (HINT: You may have to watch the entire movie before answering these questions.)

2.Where does the action take place? How and why are those locations important? Do they match what you read in your textbook? How?
3.What historical events are mentioned and/or portrayed in the movie?
4.What important historical details are included in the movie? How do they help to make the movie more authentic and interesting?
5.How did the class readings and videos help you to understand the movie? Do you think that you would have understood the movie as well as you did without preparation? Do you think that the average movie goer would have understood the movie in the same way? Why or why not?

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