NYC Government

City Government and Political Profile

Prepare a written assessment of the political environment and formal structure of government in New York City. You should describe the political and governmental context.

Your assessment should be in memorandum format and should be about three double-spaced pages long. Topics you should cover include:

City charter: Describe the nature of the city charter and developments over the last 20 years or so in the charter and charter reform; or summarize the state law that gives certain powers to your city government.

State representation of your city: How many members does the legislature have? How are they elected and who do they represent? How large is the citys delegation of legislators?

Executive: Does your city have a mayor, city manager or some other form of executive? What are the powers of the mayors office?

Relation of the legislature and executive: What is the structure of your citys government: weak mayor, strong mayor, council manager, or some other format? Provide an illustration depicting the relations between the various parts of the government.

State laws and constitutional features that affect your city.

You should also sketch out the recent political history of this jurisdiction. Who is mayor and who are other prominent political actors? What parties control the legislature and the mayor? Discuss briefly major political developments over the last 20 years or so that are important for understanding the politics of your city today.

Be sure to cite all the sources that you use. Contact me if you have any questions.

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