write a character analysis of hamlet

1.is hamlet mad or not
2.analyze hamlet ‘s relationships to ophelia and gertrude.
3.analyze hamlet’s relationships to horatio,claudius and polonius.
4.select one of hamlet’s seven soliloquies and explain how that particular soliloquy provides insight into hamlet’s character.
5.discuss hamlet as a tragic hero which includes identifying his tragic flaw and his recognition scene. Discuss pity and fear in relation to hamlet.
Minumun number of sources:6,one of which is the play itself.

1.Also you must use at least two (2) source from the book that have been placed on reserve for you

2.one (1) scholarly internet sources required. A second scholarly internet source is acceptable as long as it is approved in advance.

complete print-out(s) of the web source (s) you are use mustt be submitted with your final pepper.

web source (s) such as on-line pepers and site such as cliff notes, wikipedia, grade saver, and spark notes (just to give examples  because there are more ) are not acceptable.
when in doubt about the site, please check with me.

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