Inmate John Doe is serving a thirty-year sentence for murder

. He was twenty years old when convicted and sentenced. Now, he is set to be released in nine months at age fifty. John Doe earned some mechanical professional certificates while in prison, but he has no college degree. During his thirty-year sentence, he never received any discipline and followed all the rules. He has no money and needs to take care of his mother, who is terminally ill. John expresses to you that he needs to help his mother and to find a job when he is released. You work for the Department of Corrections and have been assigned to assist John with his reentry into the community.
In a minimum of 200 words, how would you help John plan his reentry? For example, what programs would you advise him to pursue in order to successfully reenter the community? What other actions do you think he should take? A minimum of two sources must be cited and referenced in your response.

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