What\’s so divisive right now, is that people cant accept that (Graham Norton, Sunday Times, 18/9/16). To what extent do you agree with this view?

Essay Question –
It is possible to be a member of more than one tribe. What\’s so divisive right now, is that people cant accept that (Graham Norton, Sunday Times, 18/9/16). To what extent do you agree with this view? Give a contemporary example to support your analysis.

This essay title has as its context an article by Graham Norton referring to Brexit (The United Kingdoms vote to exit from the European Union in June 2016). It is to this seismic change that he is referring , suggesting that as an Irish citizen, he feels both European and Irish and cannot understand why so many other people might choose only one group to feel an affinity with, rather than feeling they can have several tribes they belong to.
In tackling this question you might start with his phrase, one tribe and consider what he means by a tribe and how cultural heritage is a part of this, as well as values and shared practices (such as Hofstede describes in his analysis of culture,
You should give ONE contemporary example to support your arguments. This can be the Brexit event and other material but equally it can be analysing another group from another national culture . The article hints at nationalism and how this might override a feeling for our common humanity and common universal areas of concern and this might be a strand you wish to develop. The need for membership of a tribe might be related to religious or geographical affinities for example and could touch on why people might feel it important to hold onto a particular identity.

In particular, please note the headings we will use to give feedback on your work, ensuring that you cover these areas:
Structure and Development of argument;
Use of research/theory/literature;
Use of relevant case study and/or personal examples;
Writing style and referencing;

Grading indication for essay:

80+Most of the following: Clear evidence of independent and original thinking , exceptional evidence of reading/research, very high standard of writing and referencing; numerous examples given showing ability to. to connect theory/concepts to practical experiences/case studies in an integrative way.

70+Most of the following: ability to compare critically different arguments/theories and arrive at some conclusion; very wide or deep use of research/reading material; the beginnings of independent/original thinking; fluently written and well-argued essay; several examples which show ability to connect theory/concepts to practical examples/case studies.

60+Most of the following: Clear focus on question set and a well-written answer in clear English; Selective and appropriate use of research and reading material correctly referenced; Very good identification and grasp of appropriate concepts and theories; some relevant examples which connect concepts to examples

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