Research Paper, Psychology

You will also produce a * text set to support a specified unit. A text set is a collection of texts (picture books, chapter books, textbook, magazines, poems, websites, journal articles, etc. which address a specific theme.
You will also make connections with reading strategies: A) pre-reading/prior knowledge, B) during reading, C) after reading/application (three (3) text connections in each category. You cannot repeat strategies throughout the set.
You will need to choose a grade level and content area you are interested in teaching and become familiar with the appropriate TEKS.
There is a ten (10) text minimum collection of which you will indicate the title/author (APA citation), genre, reading and interest levels, summary of the text, text features, strategy (one strategy for each text), and how to use the text .
Each text set will include a combination of: teachers edition (reference book), fictional picture books, historical fiction, realistic fiction, fantasy, informational (nonfiction chapter books), website, song, poem, newspaper/magazine article
Instruction files

text_set_directives_2_.docx(14,99 KiB)

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