What are the advantages and disadvantages of a multi-perspective approach to understanding organisations?

In this section you must provide an overview of your answer to the question; provide
answers to the key what and why questions of your argument/answer. These should take
the form of direct responses to the key issues raised by the question. Your argument
should be informed by a critical analysis of the content of the key readings.
Please keep in mind that in all sections of your response you must move past description
to analysis, this means providing answers to the why questions that emerge from your
key statements.

Exploration of your argument:
In this section of the essay you need to accomplish two tasks.  First, you must explore the
key perspectives showing how each is underpinned by different assumptions that
determine the way organisations are interpreted and understood. You must also address
the theoretical implications of these various ways of seeing and how they enable and limit
our understanding of organisations.
Second, having demonstrated an understanding of the perspectives and their theoretical
implications you need to evaluate the different arguments for and against a multiperspective approach to understanding organisations. This evaluation must draw on and
relate to your discussion about the individual perspectives and how they enable and limit
our understanding of organisations.
The whole response must be informed by an engagement with relevant sources,
especially the textbook and the readings provided on the Blackboard. You must draw
upon and evaluate academic debates and arguments. This is not to be viewed as an
exercise in which you make up a response off-the-top-of-your-head.

You must conclude with your general answer to the question. It should reiterate the key
argument and answer to the question provided in the introduction and indicate to what
extent it has been supported or challenged by your analysis of the debates and arguments
of other authors.

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