Term paper Topic: Negotiation Anaylsis Paper

The purpose of the negotiation analysis paper is to help you transfer the negotiation concepts from the course to negotiations in your own organization. I would like you to use concepts learned in the course to analyze a negotiation situation. The negotiation may be one that has recently concluded, or one that you are in the midst of right now. It may be a negotiation between organizations or within an organization. It may be a dyadic negotiation or one with multiple parties. It may be a situation of chronic conflict.

Your task is to analyze the situation using the concepts from the course in 8 – 10 double-spaced typed pages (not including the cover and reference pages).  You must have a cover page and a reference page formatted according to APA, 6th edition. Spend no more than three pages describing the situation. Spend the bulk of your time and words on an analysis of the negotiation. Be careful to select a negotiation that is complex enough to challenge your analytical skills. For example, buying a car is probably not a good choice for a paper topic; neither is a negotiation in which you did everything right.

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