The Text-In-Context Essay

Words: 197
Pages: 1
Subject: Essays


For this essay, you’ll choose a text you are interested in and you’ll learn more about it, researching the author/creator and the audience and looking closely at the text itself.  For this essay, a “text” isn’t restricted to print genres, such as essays, books, magazines, short stories, political speeches, or newspaper articles, though those texts would work well. A text can be anything that existed in a certain time that you can analyze. Non-print examples of texts include films, TV shows, and songs. It’s best to choose something with some substance to it, written at a significant time in history by an interesting person.  Even if you love Hannah Montana, an analysis of one of her songs probably wouldn’t work for this essay. Feel free to be creative and choose something fun.

Through the work of analyzing the context of an important text, we learn a lot about not just the rhetorical importance and composition of the text, but also about the historical, social and political significance of the text, and of the time in which it was created.  We are then better prepared to understand any text we encounter.

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