The growth in online shopping will be the death of traditional shopping. Discuss.

Write a 500 word (+/-10%) argumentative essay consisting of 5 paragraphs containing:

1. Introduction (including a topic sentence and all three supporting ideas/arguments mentioned in the body) [ca.70-80 words]

2. Body (3 paragraphs with your 3 arguments, all of which starting with one of the supporting sentences mentioned in the introduction and 3-4 sentences of argumentation using academic/empiric and RELIABLE resources (at least 3 print sources)) [ca. 120-130 words each]

3. Conclusion (should echo the introduction and mention all three supporting arguments/ideas of the main body, drawing a convincing conclusion) [ca. 70-80 words]

The document LS4ResearchEssayCriteria.pdf contains a list of all criteria to be met.

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