Assignment, Psychology

For the survey mini-research project (My survey is about stress management in college), you need to create a survey. The survey should include:

1. survey title (e.g., \”The College Experience\”)

2. brief explanation of the purpose of the study (e.g., \”We are conducting a survey of current college students to learn more about the factors that lead to challenges and successes in college.\”)

3. at least two quantitative (close-ended) questions

4. at least two qualitative (open-ended) questions

5. at least three demographic questions (may be asked as either close-ended or open-ended questions)

6. at least one question related to your independent variable (may be asked as either close-ended or open-ended questions)

7. at least one question related to your dependent variable (may be asked as a combination of either/both close-ended or open-ended questions)

**If you phrase items related to the independent or dependent variables as open-ended questions, you need to ask the items in a way that can be converted to quantitative numbers. You can also collect data as BOTH qualitative and quantitative questions (my preferred strategy).

**In addition to the required content listed above, please include your research question and independent and dependent variables with your DRAFT submission (but not the actual survey that goes to respondents).

**Although the syllabus states that your survey must be distributed on paper, I have decided to allow online surveys to be used as well. One free online survey tool is called \”surveynuts\” (, and this tool allows you to create a survey, share the link, and analyze the data (or export the data for analysis). Paper surveys are also acceptable.

**Do NOT target or collect data from anyone under the age of 18.

**Your survey should not ask for personal identifiers (e.g., name, address, telephone number, social security number) or about illegal behaviors.

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