The Coca-Cola Company


This report scrutinizes the dominance of The Coca-Cola Company. The Coca-Cola Company is a multinational infusion vendor, industrialized and marketer of non- intoxicating drinks. It is well known for its outstanding brand Coca-Cola, which was invented by John Stith Pemberton in 1886. Eventually this brand was bought by Asa Candler, and incorporated the Coca- Cola Company in 1892. It has accumulated much market share, with over 500 brands sold out to over 200 countries. 


The purpose of this report is to examine and describe changes in the Coca- Cola Company as well as the activity that it has recently gone through.



Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company recently has tried to acquire the Chinese Juice maker, but unfortunately it was turned down when China rejected its $4.2billion bid for the Huiyuan Juice. The reason as to why the Chinese rejected this offer is to avoid virtual monopoly. Consequently, Nationalism contributed in foiling the deal. This as a result of an oil based company was rejected in America.

The Coca- Cola Company acquired Minute Maid in 1960. Minute maid is the world’s largest vendor of fruit juices and drinks. It was the first company which market juice made from oranges. It is located in Sugar Land, Texas, United states.

Coca- Cola Company also acquired the Indian Cola brand, called Thumps Up in 1993. The idea behind purchasing this Company was to enable coca-cola to compete effectively with Pepsi 


There are a number of factors influencing the growth and expansion of this organization to its intend size. These are;


The organization structures in hierarchy of authority may contribute to a success or a setback in production of the company’s products which is the sole backbone in its growth. From the top organs in running the affairs of the company to the lowest cadre who foresees the production of the intended products is essential. Bad managers, give very low returns since they will not be able to influence their juniors’ with the virtue of either hard work or time consciousness in their day to day work output, since they themselves are not able to show the required professional work etiquette need in production.

A manager, who is lazy and is ever late at work, will find it hard to instill the discipline of hard work and punctuality to his or her junior employees. Moreover, if the manager lacks good communication skills or has poor worker to worker relationship, may find it hard to enhance cooperation between the employees themselves since he or she lacks that aspect of organization in him or herself. As the saying goes, togetherness is unity; therefore division among themselves may be a time bomb to the decline of production thus not achieving the aims and objectives of the company.

A company that takes a bold step to take its employees to an in-service training and educational seminars and workshops, will have beat the on- coming shadow or cloud of incompetent workers due to the changing times of the current market trends. The human resource needs to empower themselves with the required modern skills and knowledge to cope up with the changing times. Know-how on operation of today machines enhances production and boosts growth of the company output hence a significant ascending graph in production.

Furthermore the plight and welfare of the employees should not be over looked since they are the ones to implement and execute the laid down norms of the organization to achieve the desire goals. Good salaries and perks, insurances cover, allowances promised to workers and promotions to hard working staff boosts morale within the work force in the company. It encourages more productivity hence mass production in terms of the intended output thus growth and success in that business.


Every organization will try as much as possible to cut down their expenses to accrue more profits, thus continuity in the business. A company should try as much as possible to outline unnecessary expenditure and try to avoid any foreseen oversight in their expenses. However, these should not over look the needs of the employees’ welfare, because it may jeopardize the events leading to execution of the objectives intended for desired results.

The organization should also familiarize with the current financial institution that offers or lends economic friendly loan advances which are business packaged of the time.

The products being released into the market for potential customers should also be pocket friendly with the current impending economic hardships. A company that produces products which cannot be afforded by a potential consumer may suffer from lack of sales volumes hence the desired objectives not being achieved on intended time bound. Thus, market knowledge on demand is essential for prosperity and growth of the company.

Lastly, the government’s incentives and taxes on the operational companies should be put into consideration. The taxes levied on the goods produced should concur with the price market offered so as not to exploit the consumers who may in turn opt for similar products from other companies which offer same goods.

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