People are vulnerable to disasters. It is through this fact that people should be ready to handle any emergency that might crop up. A tool for being prepared for emergency and be in a position to manage it is called vulnerability analysis. This can be incorporated with a contemporary complete advance known as disaster risk management. No one knows when an emergency will strike, therefore there is need for a professional team to be set aside, and well trained to handle emergency incase it transpires. This team of workforce should have comprehensive guidance, with the state of the art equipments to deal with any nature of emergency, may it be from fire, theft, or even sickness. Separate units should be put in place, and allow specialization in order to have effective consciousness of the emergency at hand. By this I mean, if it is for fire, there is need for a sector specifically to deal with that. In addition, regular training to the workforce is of great importance. Certain precautions should be considered when being prepared to handle any emergency. For instance, Securicor alarms should be installed, and the relevant people trained on how to use them to send an alert message to the response team in case an emergency is detected. Alternative exit ways should be considered when building a residential or either commercial house. These exit ways should be easily accessible. Emergency scares should be run at least once in a year to test how the response will be. Finally, as a precaution measure, it is advisable to have valid contacts of the relevant response team, so as to get to them on time in case of an emergency.

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