Term paper Topic: Employee compensation and benefits

Employee Compensation and Benefits
A.    Examine development of a workable pay plan.
B.    Evaluate competency based pay
C.    Differentiate between broadbanding, strategic compensation, and comparable worth.
D.    Differentiate piecework plans, merit pay as an incentive, merit pay options, and incentives for professionals, recognition-based awards, and online reward programs.
E.    Research benefits mix, benefits amount and flexibility of benefits.

Paper Requirements
The minimum length is 10 FULL text pages, double-spaced, and typed. Title page, bibliography, charts, diagrams, table of contents, indexes, end notes, etc. do not count as text.

One-inch margins are required on all four sides of the paper. Only put the title of your paper on the title page. Do not put it on page one.

Font Size
The size of the letters (font) is required to be standard size equivalent to 10-12 point. Authorized font type is Times New Roman.

Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation
The paper is required to have correct spelling, proper grammar and punctuation.

Quoting Sources
Unless directed otherwise by the instructor, you may only include a total of three lines of quotes for your whole project. All other use of other writer’s work must be paraphrased into your own words.
Plagiarism (using someone else’s words, thoughts and ideas, will result in a failure for the project.

Bibliography Page
A bibliography page is required at the end of this paper. It must contain at least 3 sources.

Must be a minimum of 5 pages single spaced.

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