Strategic planning

Question 1:
Strategic planning is something that many public organizations do, yet few do well. What do you see as the three most difficult problems in developing an effective strategic plan for a public-sector organization?  How would you address each of those problems to create an effective strategic plan? (30 pts.)

Question 2:
Congratulations, even in this miserable economy, you’ve just been hired by the City of Alta Valle as a management analyst. As your first duty in the new job, the city manager has appointed you to spearhead the development of the city’s first strategic plan. Lucky you. You know that stakeholder identification and participation in strategic planning is critical but you are completely unfamiliar with Alta Valle’s stakeholders. What process will you use to overcome this problem? What final information concerning Alta Valle’s stakeholders will you produce? Why will that information be critical to the success of the strategic plan? (40 pts.)

Short Answers

Question 3:
What is a “SMART” objective? Provide two well-written examples. (15 pts.)

Question 4:
Define the terms: mission, vision and goal. How are those terms similar? How are they different? Why are they important to strategic planning? (15 pts.)

Bryson, J. (2013) Strategic Planning for Public and Non-Profit Organizations. (4th ed.) San Francisco: Josey-Bass. (required)

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