Asian Art

Choose only ONE topic for your research paper.
1.    The Influence of Feng Shui on Chinese Tomb Architecture
2.    The Influence of Hamada on European Ceramics
3.    Early City Planning: the Indus Valley: New Discoveries
4.    The Shalimar Gardens: Heaven on Earth?
5.    Monuments to Peace: Hiroshima and Nagasaki
6.    The Importance of Jingdezhen
7.    Buddhist Pilgrimage Sites: IndiaQ: Fertility Figures in Indus Valley Art
8.    Issues in Contemporary Chinese Art
9.    Issues in Contemporary Japanese Art
10.    Imperial Japanese Architecture
11.    Zen and the Art of Tea: 17th century Japan
12.    The Influence of Europe on Mughal Miniature Paintings
13.    Textiles as Status: the Great Mughal Emperors
14.    Early Indian Ceramics
15.    The Influence of the Physical Landscape on Chinese Garden Development
16.    The Influence of Japanese Architecture on Frank Lloyd Wright
17.    The Influence of Persia on Mughal Miniature Painting
18.    Paradise Revealed: the Mughal Garden
19.    The Importance of the Great Wall of China as Symbol
20.    Gendered Images: 17th century Japanese Woodblock Prins
21.    Bejewelled: Personal Decorative Objects for the Mughal Court
22.    The Decline of the Hutong: Beijing City Planning in the 21st Century
23.    Living Treasures: Art Revered in Japan
24.    The Influence of Persia on Mughal Achitecture
25.    The Goddess in Indian Art
26.    Longmen: Buddhist Cave Art
27.    Art, Symbols, and Celebration: The Chinese New Year
28.    Issues in Contemporary Indian Art
29.    Colours and Figures: Chinese Imperial Robes
30.    Imperial Regalia: Japan
31.    The Influence of Daoism on Chinese Art
32.    The Importance of Nara as a Buddhist Site in Japan
33.    The City Palace: Udaipur: Power and Architecture
34.    The Jain Temple
35.    The Japanese Garden: symbols


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