soil testing

You are a graduate student working on your doctorate in Biology. You are very happy that you were awarded an internship at a very prestigious environmental testing company, TestsAreUs. You are assigned to work with a well-known researcher, Dr. Knowitall. Her firm conducts soil sample tests in environmentally sensitive areas. She is currently working with a wealthy developer on a land development project called “Genesis.” This land project will also allow a large expansion of TestAreUs’s current lab facilities, which the developer is providing free-of-charge.
She asks you to run some tests on soil samples obtained from the Genesis project land. You are alarmed to find that many of the soil samples contain several dangerous toxins such as arsenic that exceed acceptable levels for safety.

You are positive that you are testing this right. You approach Dr. Knowitall with your concerns…she tells you “well, sometimes we have to hide our results a bit…we really need those new lab facilities.”

What would you do in this situation – What approaches could help resolve the situation?


Develop a plan of action steps you would take to deal with the situation outlined above. Frame your response in the form of an essay.


Spelling & Grammar


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