Role of business communication in day to day activities

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Communication is simply passing a message from one person to the other. It entails all the people either direct or indirect connected to the business. Business communication is vital to the survival of any business. Communication is in relation from the top level management, all through the subordinate staff, up to the clients, Weaver, W. (1949). In order to have a successful transaction, there should be well and mannered communication between the seller and the buyer. On a day to day basis, communication is a necessity in almost all areas of business operation. These includes,

  • Building Rapport,
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Meeting

Building Rapport

Building rapport is about initiating and establishing a unified platform for communication to attain familiarity and trust between the clients, staff, stakeholders, and even the competitors. It is a progression that relies on effective and affirmative communication skills. This process helps in building a connection of a healthy trust and an advantageous business affinity, Juanita Ecker; February (2005). It is through effective communication that a rapport is established in a mutual connectivity.

Building rapport is achieved using two main modes of communication: verbal and non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication entails in the use of body language, which includes traits such as eye contact and giving out good attentive listening atmosphere. A salesman may have all the significant use of a product, but luck the anticipated delivering skills to build a rapport with the customer, hence he loses the sale.

Resolving Conflict

Communication skills will help the director of a company, when required to resolve conflict among his or her department team members. He or she is able to handle incongruity diplomatically and efficiently, without adding any undulation to an already disorderly circumstance. According to Help Guide, an online resource that offers advice on resolving challenges, the basis of conflict solving is on effective communication skills.  Conflict is as a result of in appropriate communication. Therefore mangers should have the skills to convey effective communication in case crises arise. With this in place, members will work with ease, hence being more reproductive and dedicated than before.


Another vital organ which is articulated frequently is meeting. Meetings are the main channels of departmental rapport breakdown. It is in meeting were decisive agendas are brought on table and solved. In such occasions, the responsible directors will have to strategize on the issue on hand, come up with report, and deliver it to the rest of the board members. For the manager to achieve a successful meeting with positive responses, he or she will be required to display unquestionable skills in communication. Nevertheless, not only the presenter of the meeting entails good communication skills, even the audiences do need proper listening skills for these skills are part of communication in general, Berlo, D. K. (1960).

 Trends seen in workplace

Business communication is affected by trends such as Information and communication technology, job flexibility, job and family among others. These trends affect both profit and non-profit making organizations and the Government. These organs are affected through the management communication.

Information and communication technology is a trend which has revolutionized the whole business arena, and has changed the whole transition in a positive manner. For instance, a manager can conduct a board meeting without being physically present. This is achieved through the help of the internet. Technology has also improved the learned institutions in the sense that, a lecture can be done in different institutions which are in different time zones by one lecturer. Nevertheless, for an effective transition of the Information and communication technology, communication skills come in hand.

Job flexibility is an inevitable trend taking the work place by storm. For a business to be successful and keep up with its competitors, it has to adjust with the change. This change can be achieved through effective and swift communication skills. It is through effective communication that a manager will be able to conduct a successful meeting with his or her board members and discus on the change to adapt.

Juggling between job and family is also a trend which has a considerable amount of impact at work place. It is with remarkable communication skills that one can be able to communicate effectively to both the workmates, as well as his or her family members. Ineffective communication is a leeway to family breakage, as well is inappropriate job interaction with the rest of workmates.

Message types as a result of these trends

These trends have almost more or less the same meaning. The key concept learned from the trends is that, communication skills intervenes and gives a lasting solution.

In a nutshell, communication is vital for any successful business operation. It is the leeway which links all the other departments. Communication breakdown is a sure sign business failure.

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