Using the attached worksheet
Answer the below questions:
1)Is one identifier more important than another? Why?

2) How would you feel if someone ignored one of your multicultural identity bubbles?

3) The majority of work environments involve (and even require) you to work in a team or group. Can you see how ignoring a persons identity (bubbles) could cause mis-communications, frustration, and failure of expected organizational outcomes? Can you give an example? How might this impact patient care in an healthcare environment?

4) Do you feel these identifiers are static? How might they change over time?

5) How does recognizing how a person self-identifies increase cultural sensitivity and cultural proficiency? How would this impact a team?

You must utilize 2 external scholarly resources to assist you in answering above questions. ALL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE SUBMITTED TO SAFE ASSIGN AND TURNITIN.COM

Overall, I estimate 2-3 pages of content (3-4 pages for this assignment including the worksheet), but not including a cover page or the reference page.

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