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Accountability governs schools in the 21st century. Today, more than ever before, it is essential that school counselors contribute to the school success agenda and tie successful outcomes for students to their work in the school. How does school counseling fit into this idea of accountability being a shared responsibility for student learning and success?

Accountability is not just mere data crunching of the number of students served during counseling or time spent in direct and indirect services. Accountability, the cornerstone of the ASCA National Model, addresses several core components in school counseling: needs assessment, program evaluation, service assessment, outcomes measurement, and performance appraisal. Today, accountability applies to every facet of a school counseling program including facilitation and coordination in school-wide testing.

For this Discussion, consider the debate concerning the role of a school counselor regarding testing and assessment in the schools. Think about whether school counselors should be accountable for coordinating testing.

Post by Day 3 your stand on the schools position. In your post, be sure to address the role, accountability, and responsibilities of a school counselor in the facilitation and coordination of testing in the school. Explain whether you support or disagree with your schools position and why. Provide the rationale behind your schools position.

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