Personal Statement

Your Statement of Purpose should be a carefully written essay of three to five paragraphs (300-500 words). Pay special attention to grammar, spelling, and form. We encourage you to drop in during advising hours to review your draft with peer mentors and advisors. The purpose of the essay is for you to convince the selection panel that you have chosen an appropriate study abroad program and are prepared to succeed abroad. We recommend that you use details and examples to respond to the questions below in your essay.

How will participation in this specific program contribute to your academic, personal, and professional goals?
What have you done to prepare linguistically, culturally, and academically to study and live in this country?
Note: If you do not completely meet the programs requirements, or have a unique circumstance with your application or academic record, please briefly explain the situation and demonstrate why you believe you are ready to study abroad and be successful on your chosen program.

Video needs to watch before start working on it :

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