3 Reasons Saying Good Job! Isnt Good Enough to Motivate Your Team

Essay Instructions:
You will complete and submit to blackboard (SafeAssign) 7 essays throughout the course. Essay questions are structured to help students relate the course content to current events in management.
Each essay is worth 20 points and those receiving full credit will:
– reflect an understanding of course content and terminology, and
– be well articulated and reflect insights of the application of management principles, and
– be grammatically correct and free of misspelled words, and
– be properly cited and free of plagiarism. Make sure you understand the definition of plagiarism!
– be about 300 words (approximately one page double spaced).

In past semesters, most points lost on essay assignments were due to not properly citing information used to prepare your analysis and/or comments. Use MLA formatting for essays and be sure to list all resources used to prepare your comments on a works cited page. Now, I am NOT a stickler for every detail to be consistent with MLA formatting however, being aware of where information comes from, even in a business setting, is always important! We should always be aware of and critically evaluate from where information was retrieved. Usually students will have to refer to an article and the textbook in order to fully answer the essay prompt, therefore at a minimum, those resources should be included on a works cited page. Full information regarding MLA format!
Essay 4 Instructions
Review this short article regarding practical advice on motivating employees.

Compare and contrast the guidelines for giving effective feedback in the article with ONE of the motivational theories discussed in chapter 12. Is the practical advice from the article consistent with the motivational theory? Be sure to clearly identify and reflect a high level of understanding of the motivational theory from the textbook.

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