Obama's Victory Speech on November 4, 2008 in Grant Park, Chicago

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Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States of America officially on November 4, 2000. Barack Obama is the first African American president of the US.  Obama possesses a great strength for motivating an audience, and reaching out to a nation. Obama knows exactly what to say, and how to say it, to unite a listening crowd. Obama’s speech represented hope for America; it was the dawn of a new beginning for the Americans. Barack Obama was optimistic for change in the United State(Strake 10).

Obama’s victory speech represented a historic transformation in American politics. For the first time an African American president was elected.. In his victory speech, Barack Obama addressed key issues that affected America which included: the war on Iraq and Afghanistan, the current economic crisis and the healthcare issues. President Barack Obama promised to solve the current crises in the US through using a different approach to leadership. Barack Obama openly admits that the road ahead will be tough and therefore things might not go according to plans and instead might take a long time to realize changes. Barack Obama was optimistic towards moving America in the forward direction, in his speech he states “it has been a long time coming, but change is going to come. In deed under the Barack Obama administration, a lot of changes have taken place in America. Some of the changes that president Obama initiated during his administration include health care plan and reform proposal which was aimed at reducing and putting to stop bad insurance practices. Part of the health care plan was the universal health plan which helped to eliminate poor quality services in the health services sector (Obama 22). Changes in the health care sector are noticeable in the present America due to the improved health care services. The health care reform also helped to eliminate the bad insurance polices and practices by the private insurance sector. The health plan also made sure that employers were responsible for health schemes of their employees and those who fail to do so are required to pay an amount directed towards the national plan in order to cater for the health care of his/ her employees. Obama health care reform plans were mentioned frequently during his presidential campaigns and stressed it during his inauguration speech at Grant Park.

Another change that occurred under the president Barack Obama administration is the withdrawal of war in Iraq that was initiated under President Bush administration. Barack Obama brought an end to the United States attack on Iraq that had lasted for 7 years and 165 days. During his withdrawal announcement, Obama stated that it was time to turn the page, implying that it was time for change. With regard to president Obama victory speech, he promised alliances for change implying that he was aimed at implementing peace with other nations. The withdrawal of American troops from Iraq and Afghanistan revealed the fulfillment of his promise, A move which was widely praised by the Iraq Prime Minister. President Barack Obama had pledged this during his campaigns and during his victory speech; he also mentioned the plight of American soldiers who were in Iraq and Afghanistan (Obama 34). On withdrawal he said that he will aim at strengthening the Iraq government and people after which he made sure he saw this happen. He was fulfilling his promise of obligation towards the achievement of peace. Another area where President Barack Obama initiated change was in the housing industry.

Prior to his election as the president of the United States, Obama outlined that the housing industry was experiencing a severe meltdown. Apart from the industry meltdown, Obama also highlighted during his victory speech of some housing problems for some American citizens. President Obama initiated necessary means to ease the house industry melt down through development of housing policies that were aimed at overcoming the pitfalls of the housing crisis in the United States. America has been currently hit by economic crisis. In his victory speech, President Barack Obama highlights the need to solve this economic crisis that has hit America. Obama recognizes the magnitude of the economic crunch and says that his administration will attempt to develop strategies to help combat the economic crisis. Some of the measures by the president Obama administration include his signing of the American recovery and reinvestment act which has resulted to the creation of about 3 million job vacancies and rescued America from another economic depression (Obama 40).  Obama has also signed a number of legislative laws and policies that are aimed towards the economic recovery of America.

In his victory speech, President Barack Obama was optimistic for change in the United States. Majority of the changes that were experienced in the United States were in line with President Barack Obama vision of moving America forward (Strake 59).

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