Person and Online Communication

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Communication is defined as a means of passing on information. It is divided into two broad categories, the verbal and the non verbal (Andrew and Matthew 7). In verbal communication there is the involvement of voice between different parties while non verbal gestures, pictures, and writings are used. Both person and online communication fall under these two categories. Online communication involves use of internet, texting and emails while person involves face to face direct communication. In either way of communication, information is passed even though each method has limitations. The following discussion is a comparison between online and person communication on their differences.

In online communication, there is a balance in the participation between the parties involved, while in the person communication there is a chance of specific participants having a control of the floor depending on their status. There is high likelihood of the participants in online contributing uniformly. In person communication, there is an immediate response which is always provided and spontaneous unlike in the online communication. This gives an immediate opportunity to ask on the clarification on the information given. On the other hand, in online there is an opportunity to think and do any research that might lead to giving of more relevant feedback (Robert, Zahir, and Pilar 484). In person communication there is use of gestures, movement, visual expressions, and all sought of physical movement in that it is possible to understand more on what one means. In some online there is a limitation of physical expressions giving a room to pretence and misunderstandings, but at the same time some people express themselves more on writing may be an email in the absence of the other party.

In person communication there is a need of a common physical context especially when face to face communication is involved which is not the case in online communication. This proves to be a challenge, which might cost on travelling and the place of meeting, but it is an advantage when the participants involved are close and can meet without any cost involved. In online there is no much expense involved in travelling and booking of a common place but at the same time it can be costly using internet to convey information if the both participants are in a position to meet. It is however easier to post a written data on the email other than meeting with someone and give the same information orally as one can revisit the email and reanalyze the data sent to him thus a sense of permanency of the information. Time is a limiter in person communication but it is easy to control the communication for instance between a student and the lecturer. In online time does not limit much as the student can work on the assignment at the convenience of time but it is hard to have easier direct control between the lecturer and the student (Greg par 4).

Finally, the two forms of communication are important where each is effective depending on the information one is conveying. I however believe that person communication is eventually more effective in the sense that there is a need for the direct intimacy during communication. There is nothing good like having a communication at the most confidential place of my choice. Nowadays in electronic communication, the confidentially is highly endangered due to the rampancy of the electronic- online- linkages. Online communication will never replace with the time shared in person communication, a lot is learnt from personal contact and listening, feelings are more expressed and promotion of more understanding (Andrew and Matthew 10).

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