Mathematics like any other subject is important since it helps students in understanding spatial relationships

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Mathematics like any other subject is important since it helps students in understanding spatial relationships, solving problems and in thinking logically. In addition, all concepts that students learn help them not only in communication, but also in using logical reasoning. It is therefore very important for any teacher to have clear objectives that can help him in achieving his goals and help the student derive maximum benefits from the course. However, the objectives are dependent on the grade that the teacher is teaching. In addition, every teacher needs to develop teaching strategies that can help him in achieving his goals and objectives. In that case, this essay shall focus on discussing two strategies that can be used by grade five teachers to help them in achieving their goals.

Strategies are just ways designed to help students learn and achieve their goals and objectives. However, each strategy is best suited for a particular subject and grade. Active learning is very effective in a mathematics lesson since learning mathematics requires students to be actively involved in class. For instance, in a particular lesson, the teacher can incorporate the use of white boards as illustrated in the studies of Kawas (Para 7). Every student is given an eraser, eraser marker and a white board. In this method, the teacher asks a question and asks the students to write their answers in their white board and hold it for the teacher to view. It is a very effective method towards the end of the lesson or at the beginning since it allows the teacher to assess the performance of each and every student. In addition, it allows the students to apply the skills that they have been tough to solve problems independently. By so doing, the teacher will not only be able to assess the performance, but will also be in a position to plan for the future lessons. In case it is only one student who gets the answer correctly, the teacher can know that the lesson needs some reinforcement or a different approach. The method is also very helpful as it can help the teacher identify particular students who may be slow and require help.

It is equally important to encourage all students to participate in class and learn from each other. A teacher can use various strategies to encourage this and a think-pair and share approach can be used. In this strategy, the teacher asks the students to think on how they can respond to a certain question and write their response down. After some time, the teacher asks the students to share their responses with their partners and at the same time, the teacher is supposed to monitor the process. The teacher then calls the names of the student randomly to explain their partner response and whether or not they agree with the response. The strategy is not only effective because it allows the reluctant students to participate, but also due to the fact that it can perfectly help a grade five mathematics teacher achieve the objective of  number operation and quantitative reasoning.

A concrete-representational-abstract instructional approach can also be effectively used since it is applicable in all grades. It is a method that involves three stages namely, concrete, representational and abstract stage. In the first stage, the teacher starts by modeling each concept with a concrete material like geometric figures or cubes. In the second stage, the concrete level is transformed in to the semi concrete level. The stage is very important since it helps students to visualize mathematical problems. The last stage is the abstract stage during which teachers represent mathematical problems using mathematical symbols and numbers. The method is very effective since students who use it are able to from mental representations of mathematical problems and apply mathematical concepts and ideas in real life situations (American Institutes for Research Para 4). All strategies are important and can be used effectively but the instruction methods like concrete representational abstract approach and methods that encourage active learning and participation are best suited for grade five students due to the goals and objectives of their course and also due to their age.

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