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In any organization, the manager is faced with various tasks that require that they use the managerial skills to ensure smooth running of the organization. Employee supervision, communication and exercising managerial responsibilities are some of the tasks that a manager is often required to undertake. The manager is supposed to keep a constant check on every happening within the organization while still maintaining the right flow of information and emphasizing on the right channels of expressing issues and grievances. This research draws from the managerial responsibilities facing a middle level organization manager. The research explores how the manager tackles two scenarios where a worker reports a fellow worker to everyone in the department concerning his misconduct and in another scenario a task force incomprehensively compiles a final report that is found wanting. This research follows the actions of the manager as he seeks to resolve respond and solve the two issues.












As a manager in a middle level organization several issues are bound to face the day to day running of the institution. These issues require the immediate attention of the manager and the manner in which the manager handles these affairs tests his capability to appropriately run the organization. An example of such issues is a recent case of a worker who forwarded a memo to all the workers in the department complaining about the misconduct of a coworker who they named openly. He was particularly displeased with the worker making strange noises from his cubicle, his tendency to converse with colleagues in loud voices usually over his cubicle, and his behavior to leave trash on his cubicle and along the highway. In another scenario, a task force constituting of members from my department charged with the task of looking into the impact the recent government regulations will have on the organizations operations, submitted a final report that lacked in the content, understanding of concepts like the recent regulations made by the government as well as lack of creativity and knowledge to organize their ideas and findings logically. As the manager, here are the responses I particularly gave to the two issues.


            Response to the Email

A clear sign of an organization that is tending to its downfall is breakdown in the channels of communication. In response to the memo that circulated in the organization through email to all the employees concerning a complaint launched by one employee in regard to the misconduct of a fellow worker, as a manager it is my responsibility to restore order and to prevent a possible crisis from erupting. The employee complained that the co-worker is fond of making noises when in his cubicle, engaging in loud conversations across the cubicles, trashing his cubicle as well as the hallway. Evidently a problem is present as identified by the employee, but the fact that the employee chooses to launch the complaint through forwarding an email to the whole department is a sign that there are lapses in the channels of internal communication. With the information already out there, my immediate response would be to calm the situation before it elevates. The first step would be to respond to the email by calling for an urgent meeting of the employees expressing that am also in receipt of an email victimizing a particular individual which is unnecessary since it has been in my knowledge that the listed misconducts have been evident in several members of the department and it was time to put an end to such behavior. The meeting would be followed by a memo to all the employees describing the dos and don’ts among the employees. This would start like “The following misconduct has been observed and should not be happening….” This way there would be no victimization and it would also take care of anyone who was developing such habits. The next step would be to have a talk with the person who sent the email. I will explain to them that they did well to raise the issue of the misconduct of the employee but they used the wrong channel to communicate since any issue that they want to raise should be reported to the next in command. This will be followed by handing each employee with a handbook manual explaining the internal communication protocol indicating that they should report all issues to the management (Miller, 2008).



Response to the Final Report

In a case where the task force submits a final report that does meet the expectations in terms of the contents, the arrangement of ideas as well as the skills of writing and thinking critically, I as the manager would definitely handle the issue by first understanding that such members do lack in certain aspects and skills required in the organization. I will let them know they did well in dedicating their time to undertake their task although it needed some revisions. I will then submit those members to an in-service training program that will be specially designed to improve on the various skills needed to finish writing a comprehensive report. The areas of emphasis for the training will be research, critical thinking, report writing and organization of ideas (McNamara, 2010).


            As a manager in an organization it’s important to understand the tasks associated with the responsibility. Among them are supervision, communication and problem resolution. In the case of the email, lapses in the communication protocol were exposed which could have resulted in a dispute as one worker was the target of scorn. It is always good to keep a constant reminder to the employees that communication moves from top to bottom and vice versa and as a manager it’s good to get feedback on issues continually to avoid piling up of mistakes. In the second scenario where a task force compiles a faulty report, it is clear that employee are lacking in essential basics that are vital in undertaking their delegated tasks. A in service training for the employees would prove helpful in freshening up the workers with essential knowledge to undertake any task delegated to them by the manager.

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