Mac Research Paper in 1984

Prompt:  Research the introduction of the mac and how it defined it defined its decade, and explain how it represented the culture and thought of that decade.  In addition, explain short term effects and long term effects that the event may have on present day

in your formal essay you should address the following subtopics:

• Give an overview of relevant aspects of the decade.  Do not cover all of these.  Choose two of the following contextual topics that relate to your topic and that will give background information for your decade: politics, entertainment, sports, home life, current events, movements, diversity/different points of view.
In this paragraph, you will not write about the actual event or invention, but rather establish a context about the period

• Describe and explain the event that represents your decade:  What is your event?  What caused it and how?  Who were the major players?
• Immediate Effects:  How did this event change and affect the decade and the people who lived during that time?
• Representation in Literature/Media:  Use primary sources* to explain how the event was depicted in literature or media.  In what light did the people who lived during this period view the event or invention?
*Primary sources include diary entries, poems, novels, newspaper articles from the decade, radio transcripts, newsreels, government documents, etc.  You should use at least one of these types of sources from your decade.

• Long Term/Present Day Effects:  How does this event affect our current world?  Is it an event that defines what it means to be “American”?
Paper Requirements:

1.  At least 5 full pages to 7 pages in length (excluding the Works Cited Page)  *If the paper does not meet the five full page minimum requirement, the paper will receive a point deduction based upon the amount missing.

2.  Minimum of 5 sources:  at least one database, two books, one primary source, and no more than one website

3.  Note cards (minimum of 50 info cards/ min. of 5 source cards)

4.  In-Text Citations done in MLA style

5.  Works Cited Page formatted in MLA style

6.  MLA format (1 inch margins, Times New Roman font, 12 pt. font., last name and page number on all pages, etc) ​

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