IT-Significant, Worldwide, Problem Statement

In what ways does cloud computing overcome a poor network infrastructure?  If there are delays, queues, and issues preventing students from accessing email and online course information over the school’s existing IT implementations, what will moving to the cloud do to alleviate these concerns?  The students would still have to use the same network to access the data, wouldn’t they?

If a school’s data is move off of their own infrastructure and onto some third-party cloud service, then the students’ own IT infrastructure (e.g. their home network, the ISP that provides them Internet access, and/or their cellular provider) is faced with the same challenges the school’s did.  As a result, the problems the school is facing would be pushed off onto others, not really solved, wouldn’t they?  In addition, the school has to be satisfied that the cloud service maintains proper security and maintenance of the data (as you mentioned) in any partnership they make.

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